¿Qué está Paz-ando? was born in 2007 as a space for reflection, debate, analysis and opinion on issues of national and international conjuncture about politics, government, justice, conflicts, violence, peace, economy, education, culture, science, technology and society.

Every week we present a critical analysis about the the national and international context, with the direction of Wilson Díaz Gamba (Director of IPAZUD), the collaboration of LAUD 90.4 FM ESTÉREO, the conducting of the IPAZUD research team, and the participation of invited specialists.

The program is broadcasted every Wednesday from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (UTC -05: 00 local time) in Bogotá by the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas radio frequency 90.4FM and globally via Facebook Live from the institute's fan page.


  • To offer a space for dialogue, analysis and reflection on political, social and economic realities in local, district, national and international contexts.
  • To provide truthful, critical and comprehensive information on current issues of the national reality, promoting relationships between academia and citizens.
  • To consolidate the program ¿Qué está Paz-ando? as a space for critical reflection that takes advantage of the radio possibilities and potential as a political project or as an expression way for social actors. ¿Qué Está Paz-ando? como un espacio de reflexión crítica que aproveche las posibilidades y potencialidades de la radio como proyecto político en la formación de herramientas para los actores sociales.