The Committee was established in order to consolidate a document for implementation of the policy and the Universidad Distrital Human Rights Observatory. It was created in 2016 by the Rectory through Resolution 326 July 7th.

However, the Committee was installed through Resolution 175 until 2020, with the aim of making a human rights policy and a gender Observatory at the university in accordance with the different demands of estates and the administrative will to give rise to measures that not only identify violations but also mitigate them through the establishment of a Human Rights culture.

It is made up of the IPAZUD Directorate, the General Secretary, the Administrative and Financial Vice-rector, a Student Representative appointed by the Negotiation Table, the Head of the Planning and Control Advisory Office and a constituent representative.


  • To write a document for the formulation and establishment of the Human Rights Policy, the Human Rights System and the Human Rights Observatory of the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.
  • To take into account the initiatives of the university community (Students, Teachers, Workers) in relation to the promotion and defense of Human Rights, as well as the work and inputs made by the Committee created under resolution 326 of 2016 and the roadmap created by the Committee of the Dialogue Roundtable.
  • To design the mechanisms for the implementation and compliance of the Human Rights Policy, which guarantees, on one hand, the Human Rights System in regard of prevention, promotion, training, defense, care and reporting are organized, and on the other, the implementation of the Human Rights Observatory whose functions are investigation, monitoring and oversight.
  • To develop actions in order to comply with the Human Rights Policy through annual work plans for the application and implementation of programs.