The Democracy and Citizenship Chair was born in 2006 under the coordination of IPAZUD in order to generate spaces for deliberation around democracy, conflict, peace, the State and citizenship in Colombia and the world. A particular topic has been developed each semester, as well as perspectives and theoretical positions that promote academic reflection, with the purpose of promoting social awareness and civic ethics that contribute to the training of professionals with a deep-rooted culture of peace.

From the second academic period of 2009, the Chair has developed as an academic space aditional to the University pensum in accordance with the Consejo Académico agreement 009 of 2006, wich institutionalized Chairs to offer students the possibility of building their professions in massive spaces for reflection, participating in conferences and debates on current issues and constructing institutional identity.

In response to this objective proposed in 2009, IPAZUD has used the space of the chair in Democracy and Citizenship, in association with the University's curricular projects, in order to strengthen the missionary activities, an to promote the research and the social projection/ extension, in function of the construction of peace, the impulse of democracy, the study of the armed conflict and the strengthening of citizenship. In this framework, the Academic Council of the University through resolution 026 of August 4th, 2009, in the third article, delegates IPAZUD to coordinate the Institutional Chair in Democracy and Citizenship, in acordance with the university mission of generating pedagogical activities to promote the understanding of conflict, democracy, citizenship, memory, territory and uprooting, in the local and national context.

Since the beginning, the Chair has experienced four great moments of exchange and relationship with the academic community: The first was the Democracy and Citizenship Chair in 2004, the second the Chair as a transversal academic space in 2009, the third the Chair as a bimodal space since 2016, and the fourth time was during the public health situation with COVID-19 that arrives in Colombia in 2020, forcing this Chair to be developed from that year and 2021 in the Virtual Mode.  


  • To consolidate the chair as a space for criticism, reflection, exchange and analysis of fundamental issues for the city and the country.
  • To encourage the participation of the academic community and the general public, on the issues included in the Chair.
  • To provide conceptual elements for the discussion, debate and analysis in the academic community as fundamental actors in the social and political process of citizenship construction.

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